5 Reasons to Go eCommerce

5 Reasons to Go eCommerce

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Whether you’re new to eCommerce, or you’re an investor looking to spread your wings, it couldn’t be easier than it is right now, with resources so vast.

Here are our five reasons that you should be getting in to eCommerce:

  • 1. UK eCommerce to top £60bn in 2016

    “Brits are set to spend £60bn online in 2016, as mobile and tablet use fuels an £8.9bn increase in online sales. Shoppers will spend an average of £1,372, with “multichannel” shoppers, who shop online using a PC and a mobile or tablet device, predicted to spend almost twice as much as those who only use a PC to shop, according to research from RetailMeNot, a marketplace for digital offers” – Veebs Sabharwal, Retail Gazette

    As the stats show, the market is hot for eCommerce right now. Whatever business background you are coming from, a slick, dynamic, and navigable website is a must, and with the right design, will stand you out from the crowd. Check out our flexible eCommerce website design service for some ideas and to see what’s possible.

  • 2. Get paid to sleep

    There’s a little more to it than that, and you will need a great product, but one of the huge benefits of eCommerce is that your store will be open 24/7 to the whole world.

    If you haven’t yet heard of a “pop-up” shop, there’s no doubt you soon will, with the trend growing rapidly. Pop-up shops are great way to expand from your eCommerce store, by creating a physical shop for a temporary amount of time literally anywhere you can think of, and it’s a great way to direct people to your eCommerce site.

    For an example of how eCommerce can work for you, check out the work we did for Primary School Resources.

  • 3. Easy peasy set up

    Sourcing your products is the tricky bit, though entirely possible if you’ve done your homework. The rest is very straight forward, with selling platforms, market automation, and tools to help your SEO all available to you at affordable rates. Mancini Menswear took this on board and are now thriving.

  • 4. 80% of the population have bought online

    With that percentage rising fast, it’s important that you build a loyal relationship with your customers and clients. Build trust by ensuring that, like our clients Thornleys, your eCommerce store is easy to use, easy to navigate, as well as aesthetically attractive. Continue updating your site as time goes on, ensuring all the information you are providing is accurate and what your visitors need.

    Though the internet has come a long way, many people are still worried about privacy and security online, making it even more important to build that trust in order to win them over.

  • 5. Gain new customers

    As easy as it is to shop online, it’s just as easy for a customer to abandon their cart. Having said that though, there’s room to take advantage of this scenario, and by re-targeting your customers, you can actually gain new ones along the way by creating content marketing to draw them in, and then promoting products once you have them on board. Building subscribers is a great way to do this.

An eCommerce website is a great way to go in to business with something you are passionate about. And should your ambitions stretch further than one venture, there is always the option of selling your eCommerce store to make the capital for the next step on your journey. Saying that, if you wanted to save yourself some of the work, you could buy an established eCommerce business to kick start you off.

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