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Actinic / Sellerdeck Perl Modules

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To really make the most out of Actinic / Sellerdeck ecommerce website software on your web server you should have some pretty specific software modules installed and configured properly.

As Actinic / Sellederck ecommerce specialists ourselves we are only too familiar with the problems caused by not having the correct configurations on the server itself. You tend to find hosting companies will only support a standard perl configuration and offer little or no advice when it comes to installing these necessary modules, even more so with a third party perl module like ActEncrypt.


Actinic / Sellederck needs some specific modules installed and configured on the server to perform at it’s best and without some of these installed you will receive errors or some entire systems won’t work at all. These are the perl modules that Actinic requires to function correctly.

Most of this is pretty standard stuff and can be installed on the command line with the exception of the third party module, ActEncrypt1024 which is a perl module written and supplied by Actinic to enhance the function and experience of the uploaded website.

This would usually be a straight forward install, but in a recent case I had issues that the hosting company had only installed a very basic Ubuntu install and didn’t included the compilers or build essential files which meant the ActEncrypt files would not “make” and “make install”
So with a quick diagnosis of the problem by Actinics’ Service Manager, Steve Wardell, I was able to install the missing libraries quickly and subsequently the important perl module, ActEncrypt1024, giving us this output :

Digest::MD5 2.51
ActEncrypt1024 1.0
Exporter 5.64_03
File::Temp 0.22
LWP::UserAgent 6.03
Crypt::SSLeay 0.57
CGI 3.52
CGI::Carp 3.51
Archive::Zip 1.30
Net::SSL 2.84

So if you are using Actinic / Sellederck eCommerce software and you don’t have these modules installed correctly or at all you will find there could be various problems or the site is running slow.
If you need help with these or assistance in installing these modules, we are happy to help and advise, please get in touch.
Thanks for reading.

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