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CMS Live: so much more than just web design

It’s been a very busy time for us at CMS Live. We have been busy improving our own online presence, having spent this summer working hard on building a brand new website for ourselves. We think you’ll agree, it is better, more user friendly, and packed with more information, making your visit to our website both more enjoyable and more informed.

Since we started CMS Live back in 2007, many people have mistaken us for a company that merely deals in web design like the countless other web designers out there. As our name suggests though, we are much more than that, and what we offer reaches far beyond your standard, purely web design business.

We pride ourselves on the extensive range of web services we offer to our clients, which includes technical support, offering you web consultancy with advice, problem solving and platform admin training, as well as emergency website support and web project rescue – your saviour when your website is down; Pay as you go support, as the name suggests, assists you with web issues and problems as and when you need it, as well as offering a monthly website support package for continued peace of mind that your website is meeting its full potential.

Are you looking for someone reliable to provide you with fast business grade website and email hosting? We offer that too. Working with you, we can determine which type of server meets your website’s requirements, and take care of not only your website and email hosting, but your hosting on Amazon Web Services, should you require it, too.
If you’re fed up with your current website host, or if it’s just not offering everything you need, but you’re worried that changing hosts will mean you might lose data, will take too much valuable time, and generally could be a messy procedure, we can help. We offer a website migration service, taking the stress away from changing hosts, and ensuring it’s done smoothly and at a suitable time as so you don’t lose business.

When your website goes live, the last thing you want is it to be plagued with problems, such as features that don’t work correctly. This could effectively cost you in a loss of current and potential clients, and ultimately, profit. We can set up a test development website on a domain of your own, so your website is constantly under a trial run as it’s being built, and any problems can be seen to before your website is put on display in the public domain.

These are but a handful of the services we offer. We love a new challenge, and we love to mix up our work, which is why no website is too big or small for our attention. So take a look around our website, and see everything we can offer you. We’re confident that you will find what you’re looking for.

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