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Do you need a logo, branding or are you undertaking a rebrand?
Along with creating you a beautiful website our Graphic designers can help build you an unforgettable brand too.

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A Brand is everything a company or business does and produces, with the fundamental idea being that everything reflects the companies core values. The more consistently these values are adhered to, the stronger the brand!

Identity is the visual aspect of a brand, comprised of a logo, stationary, marketing etc. This is often set to guidelines, therefore keeping the identity coherent and recognisable.

Your company and its values will ultimately dictate what your logo means and represents. A logo occasionally communicates a basic message but it’s sole purpose is for identifying your company, not selling.

Logo Design and Branding with CMS Live Web Specialists

Define Your Company

A logo can help to represent your company, as it can impose any number of connotations of your company’s filed of expertise. We develop brands and identities for our clients across all promotional material, from print to digital media. With every design, we produce letterheads and business cards, ready for print.

A Logo is Not a Brand

A logo is a symbol or wordmark, or a combination of the two, which personifies an individual company, a range of products or services. When this is applied consistently with a predetermined set of styles and elements — fonts, colours, photographs and graphics — it forms the cornerstone of the visual identity.

Logo Design with CMS Live Web Specialists
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We’re Passionate

We’re passionate about logo and brand design.

We’re experienced, and have a great big box full of the right tools, to invent new brands and reinvent existing ones, to make them recognisable and successful.

We believe a brand is more than a logo: a brand lives and evolves in the minds and hearts of potential clients.

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