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Our Facebook Cover Photo Size Do’s and Donts [+ download our free template]

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Making the right first impression, especially where your business is concerned, is crucial. The world of social media now means that your business has the chance for even greater exposure. If you get that all important first impression right it can lead to greater things for your business. If you choose to have a Facebook page for your business then one of the first things your potential customers will see is your cover photo. At 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall it covers almost a quarter of your page. Your cover photo can be what determines if your page is a success or not.
To ensure that you are making the most of this space it is important that you follow Facebooks cover photo best practices. There are many templates out there but ours will help you get the dimensions right to optimise your Facebook cover for all devices and we have also put together a few more helpful tips to help you make and optimise your Facebook cover photo.

iPad Facebook Cover Photo

Firstly it’s important to read and adhere to Facebook guidelines when creating your page. You don’t want to start attracting potential customers only to lose them a few months down the line if you have been unknowingly violating Facebook’s guidelines.
Remember that even if your content is restricted to certain audiences, your Facebook cover is always public. Make sure that the images you use are your own or if not that you have permission to use them. Bear in mind at all times that your cover photo is the all important first impression and show your business off in the right way.
It may seem a simple point but make sure that your cover photo is the right size: 851px wide by 315px tall.  Your photo needs to fit perfectly and not be stretched or out of proportion.
Try to let your picture do the talking but if you feel you have to include some text then make sure it is to the point.
Be aware there are areas within your cover photo that are hidden on certain devices unless your photo is clicked on and opened up. Don’t add crucial parts of text or photos to this area as the chances are they won’t be seen.
We have created a handy photoshop template which shows you the window where your unique selling point will always be displayed no matter what device is being used.

Facebook Cover Photo

Download your free Facebook cover photo template here

You may have noticed that a proportion of the left of your cover photo is set with your profile picture. It makes sense then to align your images to the right to keep it balanced. Also by drawing attention to the right of your cover photo it leads naturally to the like, follow and message buttons.
Another great idea to optimise the use of your cover photo is to design it around your ‘Call to action’ button which you can add next to your ‘like’ button. You could use this link button to take people straight to your website or a special offer. It’s a great way to direct traffic exactly where you want them to go.
So once you have your perfectly sized cover photo, the right amount of text to grab attention, aligned to the right to draw the eye to your call to action button, is there anything left to do to help that all important conversion from casual browser to potential customer? Yes, just one more thing! By pinning a post relating to your cover photo and call to action button, at the top of your page with the same link, you are giving your potential customer another opportunity to click just in case they missed the first one. You have more space here to use interesting, attention grabbing text on this pinned post to make your browser want to click to find out more.

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