Get Your Product Images Right With Good eCommerce Product Photography

Get Your Product Images Right With Good eCommerce Product Photography

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One of the most effective ways to boost your sales is to make sure your product images are performing well on every eCommerce platform they appear on.

This may sound like a difficult task but as these platforms all have the aim of getting your product exposure and to ultimately gain sales then it is worth doing all you can to adhere to their product image guidelines.

This is why good images are important and why product photography plays such a huge part of your eCommerce website. A quality image indicates a quality business and in todays market this is what every business owner should be striving for.

There are many aspects to bear in mind when choosing who to photograph your products. These range from the technical side eg. image sizes, compression method and file type etc. to the aesthetic side. Product styling is a huge consideration and one that can be a deal breaker for many customers. No one wants to buy a product with an ugly image! The online marketplace is unparalleled when considering your competitors so your images have to stand out for all the right reasons.

A quality image indicates a quality business.Martin Starkie
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When looking at large scale marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and Google Shopping it is clear why they enforce their rules on product images. The uniformed quality and sizing of the images they use help maintain their brand identity, attracting visitors and making their online shopping experience a success. By adopting the same attitude as these online giants and complying with your eCommerce platforms rules on product images you will be sure to see an improvement in the results of your online store.

The team at CMS Live are experts in producing eCommerce sites and are familiar with all the major platform’s specific image guidelines. This means that there is no wasted time resizing images. We keep up to date with all the guideline changes and product imagery trends.

We are very fortunate that many of our customers choose our in house photography team to produce stunning product photography. We are fortunate as we can guarantee the images will be perfectly styled but also because we know they will adhere to the rules of the platform they are intended for.

By producing beautiful photography that adheres to your eCommerce platforms guidelines then you will have customers that not only want to buy your product but also share how wonderful it looks on their social media channels!

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