Google Webmaster Academy

Google Webmaster Academy

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An introduction to Google Webmasters and how to make the most of your website presence online!

Google have provided a basic Academy to teach you the basics of Google Webmasters to help you get started with your online presence.

Who should take the Google Webmaster Academy?
Anyone who’s interested in creating or improving their website can take it. Whether you’re a business increasing your web presence or a photographer putting together an online portfolio, we can help you get started.

What’s included in the modules?

  • Tips on creating a great site
  • Lessons on how Google Search and Google Webmaster Tools work
  • Quizzes, videos, resources, and examples

Google Webmaster is a brilliant tool allowing the website owner to track and analyse a multitude of different website options.

Create Valuable Content

The key to creating a great website is to create the best possible experience for your audience with original and high quality content. If people find your site useful and unique, they may come back again or link to your content on their own websites. This can help attract more people to your site over time.

As you begin creating content, make sure your website is:

  • Useful and informative: If you’re launching a new website site for a restaurant, you can include the location, hours of opening, contact information, menu, and a blog to share upcoming events.
  • More valuable and useful than other sites: If you write about how to train a dog, make sure your article provides more value or a different perspective than the numerous articles on the web on dog training.
  • A recognized authority on a subject: Think about how your users might identify authority by using original research, citations, links, or references. Things like a short author biography can help boost your articles’ trustworthiness and reputation.
  • High quality: Your site’s content should be unique, specific, and high quality. It should not be mass-produced or outsourced on a large number of other sites. Keep in mind that your content should be created primarily to give visitors a good user experience, not to rank well in search engines.
  • Engaging: Bring life to your site by adding more images of your products, your team, or even yourself. Make sure your visitors are not distracted by spelling, stylistic, and factual errors. An excessive amount of ads can also be distracting for visitors. Engage your visitors by interacting with them through regular updates, comment boxes, or social media widgets.

The Google Webmaster Academy covers a small  area of Search Engine Optimisation, if you would like help or advice with your website, please Contact Us

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