Googles 2 Step Verification

Google’s 2-Step Verification

Gemma Starkie Online Security

If your computer is an essential tool for your work there is nothing worse when it fails to perform. Especially when you rely on it so much that it really is the core that keeps your business going.
All our computers are state-of-the-art AppleMacs, but one of them recently suffered a broken hard drive. We had taken the step of constantly backing up our work on an external drive and the computer was repaired under warranty. Whilst it was away I used another computer in our office to carry on working. When I logged into my Google account I was prompted to complete Google’s 2 step verification process.
If you use Google in any way that you’d say “My life depends on Google” then I would make sure you also enable the 2-step verification.

You might think that being hacked will never happen to you because you have a strong password, but its easier than you think for the bad guys to steal your password, especially if you use the same password for more than one website, downloading software from the internet or clicking on links in email messages.
The way Google has created the 2-step verification process has made it possible to keep the bad guys out even if they do get hold of your password.
Whatever you may use your google account for, if a bad guy steals your password they can lock you out of your account and rumage through or even delete your emails, contacts, photos etc. They could pretend to be you and send harmful emails to your contacts or even worse use your account to reset passwords on other web accounts you have for example; online banking, facebook or twitter.

“My life depends on Google!”
As technology advances we all need to think more about how we protect our work, social media accounts, on-line banking – basically anything that you do on your computer that

requires you to log in. Thankfully Google knows how precious our information is and by using the the 2 step verification process they are ensuring that your security is taken to the next level.
It is just not worth the risk if you use online storage not to have a back-up plan that will protect your work in the event of someone trying to hack your account.
If you use any of these Google tools: then you need to take security seriously.
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