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How Dedicated WordPress Hosting Avoids Some Common Website Problems

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Choosing the right host

When setting up your business profile, most people focus on the web site’s front-end design and their desired customer experience. It’s equally important also to remember the backstage factors such as choosing a web hosting provider and plan. If you use WordPress, there are several options available for hosting your website:

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting plans offer a whole physical server for your own use. Using a dedicated host server means you will be safe from other website interferences, but it is a more expensive option.

Common problems you can avoid

Owning and managing a website is a hazardous business, even for the most experienced WordPress user. Security threats, slow running speeds and technical errors can happen to the best of us, but by choosing dedicated WordPress hosting you can avoid many of the most common problems.

  • Security Threats

    Security is one of the internet’s most pressing concerns, and one that is increased if your website is hosted on a shared server. While this is a less expensive hosting option for managed WordPress hosting, it does increase the risk of contamination from other sites using the server.

    Malware is rife everywhere, so opting for dedicated WordPress hosting helps to prevent such malicious files from infecting your site. Dedicated WordPress hosting plans include maintenance of WordPress core updates, ensuring that your site is regularly and correctly updated to protect against all kinds of threat.

  • Poor Performance

    If your site is hosted on a shared server, it will be jostling for space with other sites. This will inevitably slow down your site’s performance, as the host server juggles requests from multiple users. Poor website performance will impact your site’s conversion and bounce rates, and affect your overall success, so choosing a dedicated WordPress host server is generally a wise investment.

    Website Speed Optimisation service ensures that your site is running at the best possible speed, so you don’t lose out on customers who get tired of waiting for pages to load. Additional services such as Monitoring mean you can also keep track of your site’s performance 24/7.

  • Less downtime, more support

    Shared servers are also much more subject to huge traffic spikes from other sites, which can lead to server overloads. Your website will go down along with all the others sharing the host, preventing your users from accessing any content. Your site will be unable to generate any income during periods of downtime, so both user experience and your bottom line will be affected. Investing in a dedicated server such as CMS Live’s Superfast WordPress Hosting service will help to prevent these outcomes.

    Some kind of customer support is usually provided by website hosts, but those that offer WordPress-specific services and features also provide an experienced WordPress support team, who will help resolve any problems quickly and efficiently.

  • Recovery and restoration

    Dedicated WordPress hosting saves you from your worst nightmare. Whether it’s an all-out DDoS attack or a simple accident, all your data and site information is at risk unless you take precautions.

    Managed WordPress Hosting helps you streamline your site maintenance, as well as providing a back-up and restore service which ensures that none of your valuable data is lost. With some WordPress plans you can even restore your whole site with a one-click option, so you don’t lose valuable user time.

  • Scalability

    On a shared host server, you’re going to run out of space for site expansion much more quickly than on a dedicated host. WordPress is a highly scalable product, so your best option for smooth expansion is to combine it with Dedicated WordPress hosting, on a scalable infrastructure that will match its capacity.


For WordPress users, choosing a hosting plan is an important decision and one that you should make very carefully. Your website is your prime connection between your customers and your income, so choosing the right hosting services is the key to great savings in both time and money. Although it may seem an expensive option at the outset, in the long term dedicated WordPress hosting is going to come out on top.

Problems are always going to happen when running a website, but dedicated WordPress hosting will help you overcome:

  •  Security threats
  •  Poor performance
  •  Downtime and customer support
  •  Recovery and restoration
  •  Scalability