How to Find the Right eCommerce Website Hosting For You By CMS Live Web Specialists

How to Find the Right eCommerce Website Hosting For You

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Find what’s worth your attention when searching for the right ecommerce website hosting

So many hosting providers to check out… so little time. The truth is that you could spend months and months looking through all the features and functions of different web hosting plans for your ecommerce website, and it’s possible you’ll end up even more unsure than you were at the start! There’s so much that you COULD consider, that it becomes easy to overlook what you SHOULD consider.

But don’t worry…

We’ve compiled 8 essential questions to ask to ensure you find the right eCommerce website hosting for you:

  • Am I on my own with my eCommerce website hosting?

    What happens if something goes wrong? And more importantly, what happens if something goes wrong outside of normal working hours? Believe it or not, not all web hosting providers offer 24/7 support for their customers, so if this is something that’s important to you, be sure to check the support policy.

  • What level of security is available?

    For an ecommerce website especially, knowing that your site is secure is massively important. Online sellers really can’t afford to forgo HTTPS and SSL encryption which reduces the risk of cyber attacks and helps to keep any sensitive information that you handle, such as credit card details, safe and secure.

  • How much memory is allocated to the hosting plan?

    Website hosting providers typically offer anywhere between 2 and 16 GB of RAM, but how much you need really depends on your ecommerce website. As a general rule, you’ll require more RAM if you have a high traffic website, or if you’re using content management systems such as WordPress, for example.

  • Does the provider use hard drives or SSDs?

    While traditional hard drive storage may seem like a more ‘tried and tested’ way to go, we recommend only using web hosting providers that use servers built with solid state drives (SSDs) as standard. Offering better and faster performance, SSDs ensure your visitors are never waiting around for your site to load.

  • Can I have a dedicated IP address?

    Although it is sometimes more costly to have a dedicated IP address than a shared IP address (some providers do offer this for free as part of your hosting plan, however), it is widely recommended for businesses as there’s no need to share server resources with other websites; it’s yours, and yours alone.

  • Is the provider set up to support ecommerce websites?

    If you accept credit card payments online, you need to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Although working with a PCI DSS compliant hosting provider doesn’t automatically make you compliant, it does show that your provider is committed to supporting ecommerce websites.

  • Are backups done automatically?

    Sometimes, things go wrong. And if they do, you want complete peace of mind that your valuable data is backed up to enable a quick restore and minimise downtime, right? Of course. That’s why automatic backups are a must. Look for a hosting provider that offers daily or weekly offsite website backups.

  • Does the provider offer content delivery networks?

    Content delivery networks, or CDNs, still aren’t offered as standard by all web hosting providers, despite the benefits. With a global network of edge servers, CDNs speed up both access to your website and delivery of your web content, regardless of visitor location (ideal if you’re offering cross border sales).

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Choosing the right eCommerce Website Hosting Provider

While there are many, many different options, we strongly recommend choosing a web hosting provider for your ecommerce site that ticks ALL the boxes, not just a few here and there. At CMS Live, our website hosting services are designed to meet your requirements with tailor-made ecommerce hosting packages that provide you with complete peace of mind that your website is in the very best hands… always.

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