Importance of Your Domain Registration

Importance of Your Domain Registration

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Why it’s essential you know where your domain name is registered

When it comes to registering your domain name, it can seem a little complicated. You might not even know what a domain name is (it’s what people type in the URL bar to find your website – ours is so it’s easy to let the experts do everything for you.

But, as one of our clients found out recently, it’s important to know where your domain is registered and to have access to your domain account.

In 2005, our client trusted the company building their website to purchase their domain name for them. But they never asked their web company for access to the domain. And the web company didn’t give them that information either.

For 11 years that was that and the website worked great. But when our client asked us to build them a new website, we realised they didn’t know where the domain name was registered. This delayed the website release because we couldn’t upload the new website designs.

Hours and hours of investigation ensued, trawling through past accounts and eventually finding that the original company had gone in to administration. Our client’s domain name? Sat in some unknown person’s domain account who couldn’t be contacted!

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We are experts in domain management and rigourously check and optimise our routines to ensure there are zero issues between domain names and our servers.
We currently support and manage the following record types: A, AAAA, CName, NS, MX, TXT, SPF, PTR.

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  • Easy to transfer from another provider to CMS Live

Your domain account gives you access to your domain host, the company that stores all the records to do with your domain name.

These domain name system (DNS) records control everything to do with your domain name: where you receive your email, where your web address sends people, and general settings for your domain.

We needed access to the domain account so we could point the domain to our dedicated server where the new website was to be hosted for our client. Without access to the account there was nothing we could do to push the client’s new website live.

Safe to say our client was a little frustrated that they didn’t have a new website when they’d been expecting one!

We advised them about a paid service that can be used to claim ownership of a domain. But there’s a long process of verification before you finally get control of your domain, delaying the new website even more.

If you have a website and email, you need to know exactly where they’re both hosted and who’s account the domain is registered in.

The easiest way to do this is to have your own domain account. That way you can register your own domain(s) and have complete control over them. So when you need to update your website or change your email settings you can with no problem.

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