Importance of Website Backups

The Importance of Website Backups

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It’s never worth the risk of losing it all

With the recent 123-reg incident, and the hosting company accidentally deleting 1000’s of its customer’s websites, resulting in online businesses losing trade, now the importance of website backups, off-site, seems more relevant than ever.

123-reg host 1.7m websites with 800,000 customers in the UK, and the loss of websites from some of their servers whilst performing a clean-up operation left a lot of companies in temporary disarray. A coding error in the software is said to have been the cause, and with the mistake being made on a (VPS Virtual Private Server) platform, this unfortunately meant that lots of websites went under fire in one foul swoop. What made things worse was that they had no backups to restore from, so effectively completely wiping the VPS containers these businesses websites were stored on.
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The web hosting company asked customers with their own data backup to rebuild their websites. For those without, some websites were restored overnight, but with 123-reg VPS product being an unmanaged service, it’s hard to say how long it took before everything was resolved and back to normal. They worked with a data recovery specialist, and said that the fault was with just 67 of their 115,000 servers around Europe.

123-reg-gate aside, it is also worth considering the tighter regulations on data compliance that the EU are planning to implement by 2018.

Did you know that 47% of IT decision makers in EU businesses don’t actually know where their data is stored, geographically? It’s something a lot of businesses are unfamiliar with, as it’s so much less hassle to just assume it’s being taken care of and you don’t need to worry. Martin Starkie
These new, tighter regulations, under a ruling titled the EU General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR for short, will apply to all EU companies from 2018, and come after 2009’s ruling of the ‘safe harbour’ agreement, which allowed for the transfer of European citizen’s data to America, as invalid, and show how crucial it is to be considering your data’s whereabouts. It’s worth noting, too, that even if we leave the EU, the regulation will still apply to UK businesses.

To avoid the loss of your website and your invaluable data, as happened to so many of 123-reg’s unfortunate customers, and to get up to speed on where your data’s at, we would advise the backup of your website as soon as possible.

If your business website or ecommerce website is hosted and managed with CMS Live, you will already have automated offsite backups in running in the background and stored in a completely independent offsite location for piece of mind.

At CMS Live we offer an off-site website backup service for all types of website, including wordpress website and magento website backups. We can also include a 24/7 uptime monitoring service on your website and hosting solution putting your website in safe hands, and allowing you to focus on business.

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The Importance of Website Backups

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