Increase Repeat Orders with the Sage Pay Token System

Increase Repeat Orders with the Sage Pay Token System

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If you would like your customers to enjoy an easier checkout process the Sage Pay Token system is for you.

What is the token system – an overview?

The token system allows your customers to register their card on your website to use for future purchases.
This will allow your customer to simply log into your website, select the card they would like to use for the purchase and proceed to the checkout pages.

If your eCommerce business attracts repeat visitors, it helps to have a payment system that is accessible, robust, secure and hassle-free. Nothing puts off a potential repeat customer than knowing that they have to trawl through lots of pages, forms and buttons to click. The less painful the process, the more orders completed.

The Sage Pay Token system offers a secure and fast payment method that takes care of you as a business owner having the responsibility to be PCI compliant and also allows the safe storage of customer card details in the form of a secure token generated and stored by Sage Pay. When a customer places an order with a new card, they will have the option to store this payment method securely and simply choose this card with a checkbox on their next order, making the checkout process very smooth and efficient. A customer can store upto 5 tokens per account, so that’s 5 cards and all sensitive information is stored on Sage Pay servers, as opposed to your own.

Using Sage Pay as your payment gateway, customers are able to register an account on your website as normal, but once they are ready to make a repeat order, they can log in, proceed to checkout, select the card they would like to pay with, and quickly and efficiently complete their order with just a single click.

This simple approach to making purchases on any Sage Pay-registered website will not only make online shopping easier – relieving your customer of manually entering the usual details for the umpteenth time – and increase your chances of repeat orders, but it will also result in an increase in conversion rates, with statistics showing an impressive 40% rise. There’s also been an incredible average of £6,010.43 saved by businesses who use the Sage Pay Token system, off of their PCI regulation costs!

If you have a Magento website, Sagepay Tokens are also accessible in the admin so you can also help your customer place an order with their token or place a new order that has come in from a different channel with their payment method.

Server Integration – Standalone

  • Increase Repeat Orders with the Sage Pay Token System
  • Increase Repeat Orders with the Sage Pay Token System
  1. Shopper selects the items they want to purchase and proceeds to the checkout pages.
  2. Your website sends the token registration request through to Sage Pay.  We then provide you with the URL for the payment pages that the shopper must be transferred to for the details to be captured.
  3. Your shopper is re-directed through to the Sage Pay payment pages for the card details to be captured.
  4. We will store the card details and provide you with a token along with a notification post.  Your system MUST respond to the notification post before the registration can be complete.
  5. Your shopper is re-directed back through to your website.

What are the benefits?

The token system gives you a number of benefits.
Increased customer retention – if customers take the time to register their card details on your website they will be more inclined to return for future purchases.
Single click checkout – by having the card details stored your customers will not need to constantly enter their information into your site providing a smoother and more enjoyable checkout experience.
No loss of security – because Sage Pay store the card details on their secure system your customers information is completely secure.
All of these benefits allow you to offer your customers an improved checkout process.
How do I get token on my account?
If you would like to get the Sage Pay token system activated on your account please give our team a call on 01282 618210 and we will be happy to help you get started.

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Increase Repeat Orders with the Sage Pay Token System

If you’re considering integrating your eCommerce website into the Sage Pay payment system, as Sage Pay partners, we can help. Or, if you’re new to eCommerce and you’re looking to start reaping its benefits, we can help create an eCommerce website just for you.

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