CMS Content Management Systems

Do you need a website that, once built, you can manage yourself?
Whether it’s updating/adding pages, adding your own news and blog posts, or even managing your own eCommerce shop, we can help!

WordPress Content Management Systems - CMS Live Web Specialists

Manage Your Own Content

There are a lot of content management systems out there, but many of them are overly complicated and require a certain level of technical expertise. We use a select few that focus on simplicity and ease-of-use. We tend to use WordPress for the majority of the standard brochure websites that we build.

eCommerce CMS

When it comes to more technical eCommerce websites that require more functions to work well with your business we tend go for Magento.  It’s a powerful content management system that business will rarely grow out of.

If you require a platform that has to work for you, with functions that are tailored to work with your business model, we also specialise in custom website development, including API integration, custom imports, multi channel feeds, SagePay PSP Integration, Rightmove, On The Market and Zoopla BLM property feeds.

Magento Content Management Systems - CMS Live Web Specialists

Most popular CMS systems we use

  • Wordpress
  • Magento
  • Joomla
  • Actinic / Sellerdeck
CMS Live Web Specialists using WordPress
CMS Live Web Specialists using Magento
CMS Live Web Specialists using Actinic / Sellerdeck