Custom Ecommerce Website Development

An eCommerce website from CMS Live offers total customisation, so that your website fits your requirements perfectly, and works in the way you and your business are used to operating.
A system that anyone can use, with all the features you need.

Bespoke eCommerce Web Design platform with CMS Live Web Specialists

Bespoke Platform

A bespoke platform built around your business, based on a thorough understanding of your processes. We build a web platform bespoke to you, which suits the way your customers want to buy.

SEO Tools Built in as Standard

Our systems include all the tools required to ensure your website ranks organically, and that new content added to your site is optimised to feature highly in search results.

Easy to Use, Maintain & Update

  • Intuitive user interface
  • As easy as MS Word
  • Upload and insert any media

Full reporting & analytical data

Real-time reporting on all the key aspects needed for your website to deliver the required return on investment, such as visitor statistics, sources of traffic, and how much has been sold.

Scalable System

Our custom eCommerce web development is scalable to meet your needs as you grow. We can start with a simple eCommerce website, and add systems for stock control, accounting and customer relations management (CRM), as later phases of your project.

Scalable eCommerce Website Design with CMS Live Web Specialists
Ecommerce Website Design Sales Features

Sales Features

We can build sales features such as vouchers and offers. Bespoke solutions allow for a range of alternative price bands for certain classes of customer, or to offer specific voucher or sales promotion offers.