A New eCommerce Store for HAPPA by CMS Live Web Specialists

A New eCommerce Store for HAPPA

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Helping HAPPA with a Magento website for The Fussy Filly

HAPPA recently launched their brand new eCommerce website, The Fussy Filly, on September 3rd 2016 as a way to raise more money for their charity. We had the privilege of building the website, and it was great to work with such a deserving charity.

Since 1937, HAPPA have been rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing equines, investigating over 300 cases of cruelty and neglect each year, with the aim to protect equine welfare. HAPPA admit animals to their Centre when they feel intervention is necessary, treating them and taking care of them until they feel the animal is ready and fit enough to go to a new home – a Forever Home. They provide healthy and happy horses, ponies, and donkeys, to new owners or foster owners.

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HAPPA The Fussy Filly and CMS Live Web Specialists Burnley

Aware of eCommerce’s growing popularity, due to the sheer accessibility, practicality, and efficiency of online shopping, with a speedy shop done with just a click of a button, the new website has been set up as a new source of income for HAPPA, offering gifts for people who enjoy the equine world, and for people of all ages. For instance, the website includes a great selection of toys, as well as homeware, and includes clothing for both adults and children, amongst an array of other items.

When HAPPA came to us with their plans for a new eCommerce website, and told us what their aim was, we knew a Magento website would be the way forward, and a perfect model for what they required.

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HAPPA The Fussy Filly and CMS Live Web Specialists Burnley

Magento websites are an excellent and highly popular choice for eCommerce websites for their high conversion rates – increasing sales – which is just what HAPPA were looking to achieve, as well as to create more awareness around the charity. Another benefit of Magento websites is that they not only look professional and attractive, but they are extremely functional, and easy to navigate, which is a must in not only getting customers to complete a sale, but having them return to your store time and time again. Our Magento website design service sets out to create websites that can develop and progress, just as the client does.

With a stunning new website created for HAPPA, it was important that we gave it the Magento website hosting it required to ensure fast page loading times and optimum user experience, as well as helping it achieve the best Google search results possible.

We really appreciate HAPPA coming to us with their new eCommerce venture, and we’re so pleased to be a part of what is a fantastic cause. Do check out their website and see what’s on offer. With Christmas just a few months away, it may give you a few ideas for presents, and you’ll know your money is helping animals in need.

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HAPPA The Fussy Filly and CMS Live Web Specialists Burnley

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