PHP 7 Is The Way Forward

PHP 7 Is The Way Forward

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A little while ago, PHP 7 was released.

Web developers jumped for joy because it meant writing code got a lot easier and finding bugs was less of a problem. Web design agencies should have jumped for joy on their clients’ behalf because it meant their websites just got a whopping big upgrade.

We started rolling out PHP 7 upgrades to all of our client websites as soon as it was released. But what’s so special about PHP 7 and what does it mean for you?

  • Super speed

    Due to some wizardry on behalf of the development team, PHP 7 benefits from supremely optimised memory usage. This means any code written for a website will be executed faster.

    What does that mean for you? It’s simple really: your website will load almost twice as quickly as before and be able to handle three times the amount of traffic – all with the same amount of server memory. You effectively get double the performance for the same cost.

  • Less bugs and errors

    PHP 7 removes quite a bit of bother when it comes to code. In fact, PHP 7 lets us developers write code faster, more efficiently, and more securely. And thanks to a new and improved null coalescing operator, code is easier to manage in general.

    In practice, this means less code for bugs to hide in, as well as more opportunities for us to find errors. Which in turn means your website is less likely to break or develop bugs!

  • Older versions are supported

    The great thing is that nearly all code written for PHP 5.6 works no problem with PHP 7. Of course, there are a few exceptions but generally we can update a website to PHP 7 without having to recode the whole thing.

    And because we use our own servers, the process is pretty smooth.

  • Futureproof websites

    As technology develops and your business grows, upgrading your tech is a constant worry. PHP 7 is fantastic because it futureproofs your website from both a business and tech perspective.

For example, if you’re seeing consistent growth in traffic you’ll need to upgrade your server capacity at some point. But if you simply implement PHP 7, you’ll have 3x as much server capacity.
Internet speeds are also increasing and access is becoming more widespread so people are going to expect fast-loading websites. All the time. PHP 7 gives you the best kit available now and in the near future to deliver fast loading times to your customers.
While competitors are scrambling to update their old tech stack, our clients will be smugly drawing their customers in with your speedy site!

PHP 7 Is The Way Forward
“While PHP 7 is a big thing, it seems not everyone is on the ball. Anyone managing their own servers (like us) knows the benefits of PHP 7 and implemented it across our client websites as soon as possible. Yet there are still plenty of websites running on PHP 5.6.
So get in touch with whoever manages your website and make sure they’ve updated to PHP 7! If they haven’t, get in touch and we’ll see how we can help you out.”Martin Starkie

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