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Re-focus, Re-energise, Relaunch! New website for Christmas?

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Do you want a new website for Christmas?

As summer draws to an end it’s easy to think winter is still a long way off. But as the summer clothes go on sale, your attention should be shifting to the next shopping season: Christmas!

Every year for the past umpteen years, online shopping figures have soared. The total figure spent for the 8-week Christmas period in 2015 was £24 billion!

In the space of 4 days in November, more than £4 billion was spent on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday alone boosted total online traffic by about 60 per cent!

And did you know that the UK and China have the highest percentage of online shoppers in the world?

With data like that, you’re almost guaranteed online Christmas traffic from Christmas shoppers who prefer to stay at home in the warm.

While it’s good news that eCommerce is booming, it also means the online marketplace is really competitive and websites are crumbling. Big name websites like Tesco, Argos, and John Lewis have all fallen prey to increased traffic and suffered the cost of a crashed website.

With so much choice, shoppers can be picky about which websites they spend their money on. A robust website with strong website design plays a big role in this choice, whether shoppers know it or not.

Shoppers decide in milliseconds whether they like your website.

We’ve all been to a website and, because it took too long to load, the layout was intrusive, or the design was just plain weird, we’ve backtracked to Google and gone elsewhere. You don’t want people doing this on your eCommerce website during one of the busiest periods of the year.

For starters, your website needs to look fantastic. We’re all naturally drawn to lines of symmetry, complimentary shapes, and strong images.

We use Magento which is perfect for building beautiful, intuitive eCommerce websites for businesses of all sizes. It links seamlessly with payment methods and enables us to create eCommerce sites that flow from page to page, giving shoppers the best online shopping experience. It also gives you complete control over stock management and is extremely reliable.

Organisation is important

While beautiful design is essential, a responsive, user-friendly website design, with products and information organised in a logical, understandable way is also needed.

Christmas shoppers don’t have time for bad organisation. If you’ve had your website for a little while and you’ve added new products and pages, the chances are your website is a little unorganised. Maybe your tags are little all over the place or you’ve got some rogue products.

Either way, a redesign and relaunch before Christmas can be the perfect way to wow your existing customers and excite them about your products. And it can be a great way to entice some of that online Christmas traffic to visit your eCommerce store.

Start thinking about your eCommerce Christmas marketing campaigns now.

Many Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers use the big discounts on those days to do their online Christmas shopping. So it’s worth getting started sooner rather than later on your Christmas website relaunch so you don’t miss the eCommerce rush.

New website for Christmas?

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