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Using Page Speed in Mobile Search Ranking

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A reliable, fast, trusted website is essential to winning your customers’ trust. This starts with your hosting provider but there are so many to choose from, where do you start? Here are a few things you should think about when it comes to your WordPress host.

These changes, which Google refers to as the “Speed Update,” will target mobile pages which deliver slow user experiences. It aims to apply the same standards to mobile and desktop queries, regardless of the technology which has been used to develop the page. While the intent of the search query will still be a strong positive signal – which means that a slow page which contains excellent content may continue to rank highly – over the coming year, the need to optimise pages for mobile browsing will become increasingly important.

Now is the time for web developers to consider how the performance of their website may affect a user who is accessing it using a mobile device. While there isn’t currently a single tool which can be used to assess if a webpage will be affected by the introduction of the Speed Update, it is possible to evaluate and optimise a webpage to reduce the chance that it will be awarded a lower rank.

At CMS Live, we specialise in assessing and improving the page speed of websites. The design of a website can be a major factor which dictates the success of an online business. Regardless of the fact that Google may soon lower the ranking of slow mobile web pages, the fact remains that customers will often abandon searches if they become frustrated with slow load times.

Our research has found that a delay of 1 second in page load times can result in:

  • 11% reduction in page views

  • 16% reduction in visitor satisfaction

  • 7% reduction in conversion rates

CMS Live uses a combination of technology and tools to improve website speed optimisation. For example, our servers are installed with the latest version of Centos 7 Linux Operating System. In addition to this, we install our own additional custom-built components, such as Nginx and PHP FPM, MariaDB Database Server, PHP 5.6 / 7.0 / 7.1 / 7.2, Apache 2.4 and of course offer a range of SSL certificates compatible with HTTP2.0

We will also assess websites’ page code and structure, so we can optimise JavaScript and Minified CSS, and identify and refactor slow loading resources, as well as using a content delivery network for static resources. We also use Chrome User Experience Report to identify key user experience metrics, experienced by real-world Chrome users.

Need Speed Optimisation?

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