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Why We Use WordPress Web Design

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Why We Use WordPress For Our Web Design

Our levels of success are directly linked to the choices we make. Whether it’s deciding to stay indoors on the night of an upcoming exam, or electing to decline an invitation to the pub when there’s a big presentation at work the next day, we can increase our chances of being productive and prosperous by selecting the right options.

The same goes for content management systems. You’ll always have plenty of platforms to pick, but choosing the right one is crucial to the wellbeing of your website – and your business overall.

We took a long hard think before adopting a CMS. We knew we needed dependable, rapid-speed software that was simple to use, easy to monitor, and could help us to deliver high quality websites for business owners. Once we had composed this criteria, the solution was staring us straight in the face: WordPress.

Wordpress Web Design

Wordpress Web Design

With WordPress web design, there is a strong sense of control from start to finish. Unlike with other CMS’, a WordPress host is the official owner – meaning they have the power and freedom to style and model their website whichever way they like. The scalability of the system also means WordPress can grow smoothly alongside businesses when they get bigger and become more advanced, whilst the CMS’ SEO-friendly nature helps websites to rank higher on search engines. What’s more, the WordPress community itself is now big enough to fill a small country – meaning support is there whenever or wherever you need it.

But what’s really quite so special about WordPress is how it remains beneficial for business owners after we have completed our initial work. Once CMS Live have developed the website according to a client’s specifications and set everything up – they are ready to go straight away. Entrepreneurs can easily log onto their WordPress website from mobile or desktop and check statistics, make changes to posts, add images, or change anything they desire in a fast, efficient, simple fashion. Unlike a lot of other big CMS platforms, WordPress is user-friendly and remarkably easy to pick up, meaning business owners won’t be forced to waste huge amounts of time training their staff how to use it. There’s no need to learn code, downtime is minimal, and you only ever have to pay for what you need. If any clients do have questions, they can contact us and our experts can answer them right away.

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At CMS Live, we love seeing businesses thrive once their staff master WordPress and begin to take advantage of everything the system has to offer. But similarly, we completely understand that some businesses cannot afford to operate their website as well as they would like. In these cases, we can maintain the management and provide regular updates, conversing with the client whenever they need to check in.

As you can see, there are dozens of reasons why WordPress is considered the best CMS on the market. It’s safe to say we made the right choice.

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