Managed Website Migration

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All website migrations are handled by our experienced Technical team, who dedicate 100% of their time to delivering a smooth website migration.

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Website Migration services

Website Migration Experts

Experts in all types of website and ecommerce migration. Reduce your downtime by coming to the web specialists to help you migrate web servers.

All types of data transfer!

We cover all types of data transfer with zero downtime.

Website Migration services

Development Websites & holding pages

We can set up development websites so there is no need to undertake major work on a live website. We will then seamlessly migrate your test site to the live site for you too.

And if you’re wanting to take you website offline for a short time, whether the reason be company re-branding, website updates or a completely new website, we can set up a holding page for you too.

Managed Website Migration Services

  • MySQL database migration

    Managed MySQL export and database migrations upto 5Gb in size.

  • Full ecommerce website migrations

    Magento, Sellerdeck, WordPress (WooCommerce)

  • Move website domain names

    We can efficiently migrate your website or move domain names without loss of data.

  • Managed domain name DNS updates

    Zero downtime when moving between domain names or IP addresses.

  • Domain name management

    We ensure there are zero issues between domain names and our servers.
    We currently support and manage the following record types: A, AAAA, CName, NS, MX, TXT, SPF, PTR.

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