WooCommerce Ready for New Security Regulations

WooCommerce Ready for New Security Regulations

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Strong Customer Authentication

If you want a platform that’s ready to help you meet your customer’s needs and boost your profits while also helping you to comply with financial regulations, WooCommerce is the solution. Here at CMS Live, we’re experts in all aspects of WooCommerce website design and hosting, giving you everything your brand needs to sell, supply, and succeed following introduction of Strong Customer Authentication.

What is Strong Customer Authentication?

Strong Customer Authentication, or SCA, is one of the components of the Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) which aims to minimise fraud. When the new regulation is introduced on 14th September this year, customers will be required to provide not one but two forms of identification when making a purchase. ‘Identification’ includes an online password or security question, codes taken from push notifications, and physical identification such as facial recognition to verify shopper identity.

WooCommerce Ready for New Security Regulations

WooCommerce: Ready and Raring to go

WooCommerce has fast become one of the best prepared platforms ready to help UK businesses remain compliant, even following the regulation changes. Many of WooCommerce’s payment gateways are already SCA-ready, including Stripe, Amazon Pay, and Global Payments Gateway, which means that orders will only be completed once the customer has provided both pieces of necessary security information required by SCA, ensuring that online retailers are prepared for the widespread rollout.

You can use WooCommerce with your WordPress website, turning your content-based design into an ecommerce platform to expand your customer base and start selling your products where your audiences are: online! WooCommerce is designed to take your brand to the next level, whether that’s venturing into the world of ecommerce or ensuring you’re compliant with the latest UK regulations.

Don’t Forget About Hosting

WooCommerce really is the next generation of ecommerce websites, and so it should come as no surprise that it needs a powerful driver to help it succeed. WooCommerce websites perform best when powered by servers running PHP 7 (or better) and MariaDB 10.0 (or better), so it’s a good idea to check out your existing hosting package before making the switch. If your existing setup just won’t cut it, we offer optimised WooCommerce website hosting, giving your website everything it needs to succeed.

WooCommerce Ready for New Security Regulations

Need help?

Want to work with us? We want to work with you! If you’re looking to transform your WordPress website into a thriving ecommerce platform while also preparing for the new financial regulations that are expected to be launched later this year, simply get in touch with us.