An Introduction to the Various Types of Web Hosting

An Introduction to the Various Types of Web Hosting

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Choosing the right host

When setting up your business profile, most people focus on the web site’s front-end design and their desired customer experience. It’s equally important also to remember the backstage factors such as choosing a web hosting provider and plan.  There are several options available for hosting your website:

Types of web hosting

  • Shared Hosting

    Sharing a host server with other sites is typically the cheapest option, but you’ll be subject to negative impact from those other sites, such as traffic spiking and malicious infections.

  • Cloud Hosting

    Cloud hosting is a cluster of several smaller servers combined to act as one larger host. This is a cost-effective option as you only pay for what space you use, and the combined resources of the cloud can handle large traffic spikes very efficiently, but you will still be sharing the resources and may be subject to security threats.

  • Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS)

    VPS is a more advanced way to share a host server, with each website using a virtually-isolated space. This is a compromise between a shared host and a dedicated one, helping to reduce some of the problems experienced in shared hosting, but still vulnerable.

  • Dedicated Hosting

    Dedicated hosting plans offer a whole physical server for your own use. Using a dedicated host server means you will be safe from other website interferences, but it is a more expensive option.

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making sure you choose the right website hosting type

Your website can be hosted on any kind of server, but those providing specific features for your websites platform are the ones that will best meet your site’s unique needs. Choosing a dedicated host will give you the best of both worlds and include the kind of features you might otherwise have to purchase separately.

By making sure you choose the right website hosting type for your website you can avoid security threats, poor performance and Less downtime.