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Need a fix urgently?

We’re a different breed of web company as we specialise in offering exceptional development support, whether it is fixing an urgent bug, implementing new functionality or even re-building your whole website.

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    Fault Finding

    Something has gone wrong but you have no idea what it could be. Let us inspect your website.

    Broken Plugin

    Have you updated a platform, theme or plugin only to find your website no longer works like before?

    Server Problem

    Having problems with your hosting? Can’t get the best from your server? We are specialists in server optimisation.

    Hacked website?

    Compromised by a hacker? If you have suffered from a virus or DDoS attack we can help.

    DNS / Domain Name

    We can help if you are having problems setting up advanced DNS records or moving servers.

    White Screen?

    The dreaded white screen.. it’s like an old friend to us, we know exactly how to deal with it!


    Has Your Website Been Hacked…

    And you don’t know where to turn?

    The CMS Live Web Support team are here to help.

    Wordpress Hacking Support

    WordPress Hacking Support

    We can rescue your WordPress website and get it back online rapidly. Part of the rescue process is finding out how the hackers got in, learn from it and harden the install to make sure it doesn’t happen again!

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    Magento Hacking Support

    Magento Hacking Support

    Each hacking attempt is quite different.
    We offer a Magento Hacking clean up process, which includes a checklist of process’s to get your website back online stronger than it was before to prevent anymore hackers in the future.

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    Contact CMS Live Web Support team NOW!

    We can rescue your website and get it back online rapidly.


    FREE Support

    with CMS Live Website Hosting

    We are specialists in managed performance web hosting services…
    for all types of business websites covering everything from website migration to optimising page load times. As specialists in Managed Web Hosting and Server Maintenance we provide fast reliable business grade hosting for your website with a 100% guaranteed network uptime. Your website will be hosted on one of our dedicated, UK based servers.

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    Friendly Web Consultancy

    We offer a friendly and honest consultation service

    We can give you advice on anything Web…
    from Web problem solving to technical server and hosting advice, to platform admin training, including WordPress and Magento.

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    No matter if you’re certain of your web requirements, or you need to talk them through with someone, we are always happy to chat and see if we can help you.