Petty Estate Agents - CMS Live Client Spotlight

Client Spotlight: Petty Estate Agents

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CMS Live have helped a lot of different brands in a lot of different ways since arriving on the scene in 2007. We’re intensely proud of our perpetually expanding portfolio of likeminded clients, and we revel in the opportunities to contribute actively to their progression and growth as businesses.
But we didn’t always have such a colourful selection of satisfied clients. Just like any other business, we had to build our contacts base from the ground up. We hope for a long and fruitful relationship with all our new clients, and one of the very first companies to link arms with CMS Live remains a trusted partner to this day. Petty Estate Agents are officially our longest standing client, having signed up to work alongside us shortly after we established ourselves in the market in 2007. Since then, Petty’s have excelled and thrived – and we’re thrilled that our assistance played a role in getting their business to the profitable place it is today.

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Over the 10 years we have worked with CMS Live they have grown to understand our business and the relationship we have with our current, past and future clients.
We have evolved in the social media world which whether you like it or not is here to stay. The online world is a fast moving space and we are grateful for CMS Live’s input into keeping us current, stylish and tech savvy.
Not only have they redesigned our current website they have been heavily involved in the integration between our in-house software and the live feed to our website.
Every meeting takes me further on the tech learning curve, customers attitudes and habits are changing and we need to ensure we change with them.Ian Bythell, Director

A 10 Year Relationship

We’ve worked on a variety of exciting projects for Petty Estate Agents during the course of the past decade, including the construction of two attractive, high-quality websites and the performance of maintenance procedures. We’ve also contributed technical support, as well as secure dedicated web hosting (with 99.99% uptime). Our internal notifications set-up for the client also alerts us to any potential issues and allows us to deal with them immediately – no matter what they may be.

The first website we built for Petty Estate Agents was assembled in ASP code. When we sensed a shift in the market in 2012, we collaborated with the company to revamp the site and incorporate some of the latest (and most advanced) technology for a more fluid, user-friendly experience. This included a valuable BLM feed feature that extracted information from their in-house property management system. This data was then fed directly through to giant real estate portal Rightmove.

Petty Estate Agents - CMS Live Client Spotlight
Petty Estate Agents - CMS Live Client Spotlight

A Stylish Site Revamp

Like us, Petty Estate Agents have never been a company who are willing to sit still, and are always looking for new and exciting ways to freshen up their approach and appearance. In 2017, we approached our long-term client and suggested it was time for a website revamp. Technology hurtles forwards at astronomical speeds in the modern age, and the timing seemed perfect to capitalise on the latest selection of innovative features available and launch a contemporary website with style and panache. Petty’s loved the idea, and agreed to work alongside us once again to assemble a fantastic new website that would help propel the company into a new era.

Some of the highlights of the new website include a streamlined homepage (with attractive imagery for featured properties), improved navigation, superb search functions, and a search view option that enabled users to hunt for properties in map, grid, or list format. With the latest website, visitors are guaranteed fast and easy access to all the information they might be looking for.
We strive to establish a real bond with our clients, and our wonderful, long-lasting relationship with Petty Estate Agents is the perfect example.

Petty Estate Agents - CMS Live Client Spotlight

What else do we do for Petty’s

We have also built and host the, and websites.

We meet monthly with the directors for brainstorming meetings which is always fun, we offer advice on anything new for their website or their online marketing that might be beneficial to Petty’s.

We also help petty with some of their online marketing such as email marketing, Facebook advertising campaigns and Video Marketing.

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