CMS Live & TK Hockey: Passion + Professionalism = Social Media Success

CMS Live & TK Hockey: Professionalism + Passion = Social Media Success

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CMS Live has recently had the pleasure of working with top hockey brand TK Hockey. The company, which has been operating for over 30 years, came to us for help with their UK social media marketing.

Unsure which direction to take their social media in, TK Hockey gave us the task of building up their following, and driving more traffic to their website within six months. It was a task we were excited to tackle head-on.

Here, we’ll reveal how we helped build the company’s social media profile, and why sometimes brands need more than just passion to succeed.

The launch of in-game content

One of the first things we did was to use our contacts with the local hockey team to bring on board one of the players. This helped us to create in-game content which would encourage more interaction. It also added a more personal feel to the channel, helping followers to learn more about both the player and the equipment used.

Interaction plays a huge role in boosting followers and driving new web sales. These days, consumers want to develop a more personal, interactive relationship with the brands they do business with, so this played a big role in the content we created.

TK hockey social media success with CMS Live

Showcasing products in real-life situations

It’s all well and good telling your customers how great your products are, but that only gets you so far. We wanted to highlight just how great TK Hockey’s products were, so we started showcasing them in real-life situations.

Being able to see exactly how well the products perform while doing the job they were designed for enables customers to get a real feel for the product. It also instils confidence to buy. On top of these posts, we also produced product posts to help boost sales.

Why passion isn’t always enough

As a company, it’s clear TK Hockey has oodles of passion for the products they sell. However, after working with CMS Live, they soon realised that passion isn’t always enough. The company’s joint CEO, James Boorman, had this to say about their experience:

“TK Hockey has relied over many years on the passion of its own staff for its social media, but recognising that passion alone was simply not good enough; we realised that we would have to seek professional help and guidance.

CMS Live came highly recommended, and did not disappoint. With humour and professionalism, they turned around our unstructured, unplanned and ad-hoc postings into a professionally driven series of daily and weekly postings, which started to tell our story, show our passion, and engage with our target audience – whilst increasing our web sales.

They showed us what was possible with such professionalism, and so we have now invested heavily in employing an in-house team.”James Boorman, CEO

We are delighted to have helped such a passionate and professional company achieve their goals. Sometimes, it’s difficult for companies to see past their passion and focus on the bigger picture – their target audience. However, using just a few techniques, like those we applied, can significantly help to improve social media interaction and conversions.

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