Dark Mode: CMS Live Moves Over to the Dark Side

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CMS Live joins the dark side

Just kidding! Well… kind of. While we haven’t joined forces with the Sith (yet), we have made some small changes to our website recently by introducing ‘dark mode’; a way to make it easier for you curl up on the sofa after work during these dark, cosy nights and check out our latest blog posts and case studies.

Why the change?

Dark mode ensures our website is easy to read, gentle on the eyes, and gives you a great viewing experience, no matter what. Once dark mode kicks in, the background colours and shades on the CMS Live website become deeper to match the low lighting conditions around you, making the important content — the stuff you’re here to see — stand out for an easier and more enjoyable read. Sounds good, right? You can check out our new dark mode experience by visiting our website after 4pm every day (because at this time of year, that’s unfortunately when it starts to get dark).

With dark mode being one of the most customer-driven features introduced in Apple’s latest update, we’re really excited to be able to not only provide an improved experience for our own clients, but also show how dark mode could help to improve the customer journey for our client’s clients, too. Dark mode is an innovative addition to the web design world which directly benefits customer engagement through listening to the changing needs of customers and providing them with what they really want.

What are the benefits?

  • Dark mode removes the almost blinding white light of computer screens when used in the dark

  • Dark mode makes your valuable content easier to identify in low lighting conditions

  • Dark mode can help your visitors extend the battery life of their laptops, phones, and tablets

  • Some even say that dark mode can help your visitors sleep better… you’ll have to let us know!

Of course, if you’ve been following us for a while now, you’ll already know that we like to be the first to do things. You should see us make a mad run for the shops when new flavours of chocolate bars hit the shelves! It’s exactly the same when it comes to the latest CSS tricks and web design technologies. We know that offering the latest, revolutionary tools to our clients is key to helping them gain competitive advantage, so we always make sure we stay right on top of emerging web design trends and movements.

Are you ready?

So, the big question is… are you ready to come with us to the dark side? If so, you know what to do.


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