Has Your WordPress Website Been Hacked? 7 Signs to Look For

Has Your WordPress Website Been Hacked? 7 Signs to Look For

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Are you questioning if your WordPress website has been hacked?

One of the reasons we use WordPress development for many of our clients here at CMS Live is because it’s secure. However, no type of website is immune to attack, and reports suggest that as many as 18.5 million websites may be infected with malware at any given time. This means that it’s essential to understand the common signs that can suggest that a website has been hacked… but it’s not always easy.

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At CMS Live, we offer expert WordPress website hacking support, and in an effort to provide our clients with a truly comprehensive service, we believe that sharing our knowledge about WordPress security is key to minimising the risk of attacks. That’s why we’ve compiled these 7 signs to keep an eye out for:

  • Something Doesn’t Seem Right

    If your homepage has changed — and these changes don’t appear to have been made by your team or ours — then this could signal that someone else has gained access to your front end development.

  • Everything’s Slow

    A distributed denial of service (DDOS) generates an overwhelming number of request to your site, causing it to slow down or give up altogether. Website hosting and monitoring is key to identifying poor performance, and nipping attacks in the bud.

  • You Suddenly Have Pop Ups

    If you’re not using pop up or pay per click (PPC) advertising, but suddenly have pop up ads appearing on your website, it’s possible that this is an attempt to direct your users to malicious, data-collecting sites.

  • Visitors Are Few and Far Between

    One of the things we’re most proud of here at CMS Live is that we create websites that drive exceptional traffic to your site. If visitor numbers are falling off, this is a sure sign that something isn’t quite right.

  • Files Have Been Changed

    We recommend you have a system in place to alert you to file changes. The tricky thing with file changes is that they may not have just been changed; they could have been added, or removed altogether.

  • More Users

    Sometimes, we’ll need to add new users to ensure we’re offering you the best service. When we do, we’ll always let you know. If you see new users and aren’t expecting them, that could be a sign of attack.

  • Fewer Users

    And it’s not just more users that are a problem; it’s less users, too! Hackers may delete admin profiles, locking you out of your website. Keeping your password secure is one of the best ways to prevent this.

Your Next Step

When a hacking event occurs, the best way to minimise the damage and facilitate recovery is to act fast. That’s why we have a dedicated web technical support team here at CMS Live, helping you to handle the breach efficiently, effectively, and with complete confidence that you’ll be back on your feet in no time.

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