Website Hosting You Get What You Pay For

Website Hosting: You Get What You Pay For

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Do You Know What’s Included in Your Website Hosting Package?

Web hosting is simple, isn’t it? Hosting for a website. What more could you need?
Possibly more that you think….

Opting for the cheapest hosting package you can find might be great for the cash flow but he is what you are likely to get:

  • The Basics

    Basic web hosting can be found cheaply… very cheaply, in fact. Most likely, the cheapest web hosting package will give you somewhere to upload your website’s pages to, with a few images included. If you try to do more than that, for example add a video (and we all know how important video marketing is today… it’s estimated that more than three quarters of internet traffic will come from video by 2022!) you may well find that you run out of space. And what do you do then?

  • High Traffic

    Things become even more challenging if your site becomes massively popular (which is what we aim for here at CMS Live). The server your website is on can easily become overloaded and your site, along with 10,000 other equally underpowered websites, could begin to slow down or face network issues. Taking this one step further, if you go viral, your hosting provider could take your site offline completely to protect the other sites that they host. Not exactly what you need during your moment of glory!

  • Complex and Exciting Websites

    Not to mention that if you want to do anything more advanced than basic pages, your cheap web hosting package probably won’t include the features you need. Scripting and databases, for dynamic site and content-management systems, might be paid add-ons, or simply unavailable from the host altogether. Support for SSL certificates, vital if you want to do anything related to eCommerce, are another commonly omitted feature.

Our hosting packages are different and have been designed with only our clients needs in mind

Our web hosting at CMS provides all of these features, and lots more.

  • Our Own Servers

    Servers are owned and managed by us, exclusively for our customers, in a UK-based data centre. They are state of the art ISO-accredited Data Centre with multi-10Gb network, delivering a fast, fail-safe route.

  • 99.99% Uptime

    We provide a network with all the bandwidth you’ll ever need, protected by hardware firewalls, and with a 99.99% uptime… now that’s more like it.

  • For Your Website

    For your site, we have a suite of fully-managed and meticulously updated applications and services. WordPress, Magento and Sellerdeck are ready to go, with PHP 7.3 and MariaDB 10.1 under the covers.

  • For Your Business

    For your business, we offer comprehensive support.

    We’re a different breed of web company as we specialise in offering exceptional development support, whether it is fixing an urgent bug, implementing new functionality or even re-building your whole website.

  • Website Migration

    Website migration is available, if you have previously been stuck with a basic host.

    All website migrations are handled by our experienced Technical team, who dedicate 100% of their time to delivering a smooth website migration.

  • Incremental Backups

    Incremental backups run continuously, to make sure your site is recoverable in case of disaster.

    Click here to read our blog on the importance of backing up your website

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“You can’t get more for less.
You get what you pay for”Henry Ford

If you have no idea how to start with any of this, our team can help you create a custom solution, from a WordPress blog to bespoke enterprise level solutions.

If all you want is a static page of text, or somewhere to dump photos of your cat, maybe a cheap web hosting package really is all you need. But if you want a website that wows, you need a lot more. And that’s where we come in.