10 Rules of Social Media Marketing

10 Rules of Social Media Marketing

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So you have your new website up and running, you have set up your social media pages and are poised and ready to blog, post your news, share photos of your work and connect with your clients. But where to start?
Using social media marketing offers huge benefits to your business but it can also seem quite daunting. Getting started without knowing the basics can put you off before you have begun.

Getting your content right can help elevate your audience in a dramatic way so it’s vital that you start as you mean to go on!
The team at CMS Live have identified 10 great points that will help you reach your audience in the right way; promoting your business effectively and helping you make positive connections through your social media marketing.

1. Listen to your audience

How do you know what your audience wants without listening to what they have to say first? Do your research, read what your target audience is sharing, join in discussions and take their lead at the start. By joining in with discussions that interest them you will be helping to forge positive relationships and in turn they will be interested in what you have to say. Local business hours on Twitter are especially useful for this and the team at CMS Live enjoy joining in with our local #LancashireHour and #northwesthour. Check out Twitter for groups that are beneficial to your company and have fun joining in!

2. Brand Focus

10 Rules of Social Media Marketing - Brand Focus
You want to be remembered for your brand so decide on what you want to focus on and stick to it. You will appeal to your target audience more if your brand appears strong rather than something that tries to appeal to everyone. We know how important it is to get your brand image right and that is why we can offer a dedicated Social Media Management service here at CMS Live to guarantee a highly focused social media and content marketing strategy for your company.

3. Quality not Quantity

When building up your followers, likers and friends through your social media accounts it is better to have a group that you know will read, share and talk about your content rather than a huge group that after adding you disappear. Choose who to follow carefully and hopefully they will follow you back!
10 Rules of Social Media Marketing - Quality not Quantity

4. Have Patience

Building up your social media can be like a full time job but in the early days it can feel like nothing you do makes a difference. You have to commit yourself to the long haul to start achieving results. Bloggers like the Huffington Post, Mashable and Perez Hilton may make it look easy attracting millions of shares, likes and
retweets effortlessly but they have been working on their social media image for a long time. Taking into consideration the points already made, listening to your audience and having patience will go a long way when building up your social media persona.

5. Make your content work for you

10 Rules of Social Media Marketing - Making your content work for you
When you start getting those likes, shares and retweets, you will really start to feel that you are achieving something. What is even better though is that now your content and social media audience will start to work for you. By appealing to your audience of quality followers they will start to share your content with their own audiences which in turn will open new entry points for search engines to find you in keyword searches. This is a fantastic way to optimise the chances of your results being top of the search engine.

6. It’s all about the reputation!

A great way to make sure you are reaching the right audience in the right way is to seek out who is influencing who in your market. If someone has a reputation for being a trusted authority in your focused area then the chances are their followers will also be worth attracting. Listen to what they have to say and then connect with them and try to build a relationship.
Once you become a recognised follower who also posts interesting information they may want to share your content. This is a fantastic way for your business to reach a further audience with almost an endorsement from the poster that says this business is worth a look.
10 Rules of Social Media Marketing - Its all about the reputation

7. Acknowledge your followers

As you will already be starting to learn social media isn’t as easy as you may think so for everyone that reaches out to you in some way acknowledge it and thank them for their support. Whether you personally thank them with a tweet, like or share it will mean a lot and help to build a stronger relationship. As well as sharing your own content try to acknowledge content that appeals to you as well. The posters of this content are more likely to return the favour to you, again increasing your audience.

8. Added Value

As with your audience it is quality rather than quantity that matters when writing your content. No one wants to have their news feed filled with post after post of uninteresting adverts, shares and comments. When writing your content make it personal to you and your business whilst taking into consideration what appeals to your audience. A few interesting posts that get people talking are much more successful then lots of posts about nothing in particular. You want people to enjoy reading your content and interact with you in a positive way which will in turn lead to more exposure for your business.

9. Be there for your audience

Once you have started to write those interesting posts make sure you are there to interact with your audience. Don’t just post and run! Your audience may have questions or share something relating to your post that they think you will find interesting, make sure you are there to acknowledge this and reply appropriately. As in face to face relationships, picking up on these little details is what makes an online relationship successful. It will take time to build up your quality audience and you need to make sure you put the time in to keep them; you don’t want them to leave you for the next new internet sensation!
10 Rules of Social Media Marketing - Be there for your audience

10. If I scratch your back will you scratch mine?

As in any relationship, reciprocation is important. You will find it a lot easier to gain quality followers that will share your content with their audience if you do the same for them. Devote a portion of your social media time to finding great content and sharing it with your audience. Talk about content that you have found interesting, add links to their work to your own posts. All this encourages others to do the same for you and helps to promote a successful online relationship with them.

We hope that you will find these tips useful but if you are still unsure about where to start we are always here to help. We can offer a full service to help you get the most out of your social media marketing. Making sure that you are on all the right platforms and reaching your target audiences straight away. We have a number of very happy clients that can sit back and enjoy their company’s social media successes without the stress of having to maintain it themselves.

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