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A Good Deed for Christmas

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Are you ready for Deedcember?

Christmas is fast approaching, and at CMS Live we are as excited as you for the festive season to come around. We love receiving presents, gorging on a huge turkey dinner, popping the cork on the champagne bottle, and generally over-indulging. But there is something else about Christmas and Advent that is often forgotten about in our fast-paced, consumer-driven modern world, which we are reminded about from a great project we helped create last Christmas with Wheatley Lane Primary School in Fence and Petty Estate Agents – the kind, generous, and humble act of doing something for someone else.

Last year, Deedcember was brought to life by the children of Year 6 at Wheatley Lane Primary School, who as a Methodist school, on the approach of Advent, were moved by thinking about John the Baptist who promoted the idea of cleaning up your act. Thinking about that, the children decided to do away with the contemporary act of opening a door on the Advent calender each day to scoff another chocolate, and instead replaced the chocolates with good deeds. Each day of Advent would then give them a new deed to fulfil, such as calling their grandparents, helping an elderly person with their shopping, or giving a gift to someone worse off.

In the vein of Stoptober, and Movember, which have become popular celebrated annual causes, the children then took to Twitter each day to post their deed with the hashtag #Deedcember, encouraging others to get involved with the generosity. The school also encouraged parents to get involved, by posting pictures of themselves or their children doing their deeds.

To help the school raise awareness of the children’s idea, CMS Live got onboard, filming and producing a promotional video for the cause, in which some of the children talked about the conception of Deedcember and what it’s all about, followed by the whole class of Year 6 singing their rendition of the popular carol ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’, replacing the words for each day with a good deed that they and everyone else could do to benefit others.

Wheatley Lane Primary School DeedCember with CMS Live Web Specialists
It was a lot of fun making the video and helping the children achieve their goal. Local business Petty Estate Agents, who we have a strong, long-standing working relationship with, and also based in the Burnley and Pendle area, chipped in by sponsoring the video production, as a way of thanking the children at Wheatley Lane Primary School for lending their singing talents previously in their own promotional campaign. (See Petty’s Christmas video here)

So, if you fancy doing something for someone else this Christmas, why not put the chocolates down, and follow in Deedcember’s kind hearted footsteps, and give yourself a deed a day over the course of Advent. It will not only make someone else feel great, but you will feel great for the act of being selfless and doing something good-spirited.

Need a few ideas for your good deeds? You can watch the video we created with Wheatley Lane Primary School for Deedcember here.

You can also read our story in the Lancashire Telegraph here.

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