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Have you ever wondered how some companies manage to send out their email marketing exactly at the right time? Sized perfectly to work on your device and with such a fantastic offer that you immediately click the link and are transported to their website?! Well, let us share some advice with you that will help.
Many of our customers entrust their email marketing campaigns to the team at CMS Live. We do everything from creating that fantastic, brand focused email to extracting your clients’ email addresses from your database and then sending it out, timed to perfection, ready to be opened at the simple click of a button by your client.
We use Mailchimp to deliver the beautiful email campaigns we have created. Mailchimp is a fantastic service and, depending on the amount of email address in your database, can even be free!
We work with you to create exactly the right email for your company
We work with you to create exactly the right email for your company, we know how to get your point across and more importantly convert those emails into sales. With over 10 years experience we are confident in our expertise, we will even provide you with support and advice when reading your reports on how well your campaign has been received. If you are using an eCommerce website we can provide full eCommerce google analytics tracking.
Whether you are just starting out with a small email list you wish to contact, or have a growing business or, are a high volume sender, we can help create the campaign you need. Contact the #teamCMS today to discuss how we can help.

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