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Responsible Hosting

Climate change is not only a very current issue but also one of the most critical issues facing the world. So, it’s important for companies to demonstrate a responsible reputation.

As a responsible hosting provider, we have pro-actively searched for carbon-efficient hosting solutions to reduce our environmental impact. CMS Live is proud to be working with servers that have been certified 100% carbon neutral under BSI PAS 2060. This is because the emissions produced by our servers are offset by renewable energy projects that reduce the use of fossil fuels. These projects are verified by The Voluntary Carbon Standard.

So you can be confident that all carbon emissions associated with the hosting of this site have been neutralised.

What is Carbon Neutral Hosting?

CMS Live is now a carbon neutral business, working hard to offset carbon emissions. Furthermore, our servers are kept in 100% Carbon neutral data centres!

Data centres, which are necessary for housing servers and providing hosting and colocation services, use a large amount of energy and emit tonnes of CO2 every year. In fact, data centres worldwide are expected to generate 533 million tonnes of CO2 by 2020 (Carbon Trust).

When you use CMS Live servers for your hosting, the offsets will contribute to a number of hydropower renewable energy schemes which reduce greenhouse gas emissions by displacing power from higher-emission fossil fuel sources on the regional electric grid.

Your hosting shouldn’t contribute to your carbon footprint. We can help you take steps to become carbon neutral. After all, this isn’t the kind of mark you want to leave on the world.

Carbon Neutral Hosting

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