Do I Need a New Website

CMS Live: Do I Need a New Website?

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Websites… they’re an art, not a science!

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, a website just won’t work. Whether it’s not quite as user-friendly as your visitors were hoping for, it’s not engaging enough to encourage visitors to convert, or your brand has simply outgrown the initial web design, it happens.

Right things in the wrong way

Sometimes, you may even be doing all the right things… but in the wrong ways. Consider that:

  • Distrust

    94% of people distrust factual information if it’s presented on a poorly designed website

  • The Hamburger

    The classic ‘hamburger’ menu isn’t as user-friendly as many people think it is

  • Banner Blindness

    Banner blindness isn’t an old wives tale; visitors really do hate banner ads!

  • Familiar Web Design

    Some visitors prefer a familiar web design over something bold, especially web users aged 65+

The problem, of course, is that you’ve undoubtedly put a lot of time, effort, and indeed money into your website, which can make letting go somewhat difficult. In many cases, starting afresh isn’t exactly the most attractive option for business owners. But ask yourself this: Do you really need a new website?

Website Rescue

Believe it or not, a poorly performing website doesn’t necessarily need to be given up on. In fact, by identifying the primary issues affecting the success of your website, and by addressing these problems directly through finding effective and efficient solutions, you can give your website a new lease of life.

The solution could be anything, from making the website responsive to meet the needs and expectations of mobile visitors, to improving SEO to increase traffic; from changing the platform to something more capable of handling your sales volumes, to simply making your website more aesthetically pleasing.

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The Challenges

Many business owners have tried — and failed — to revive an existing project, and it’s simple to see why. After all, it’s easier to make a cake from scratch than it is to take over from another baker part way through. Becoming familiar with the ins and outs of someone else’s work isn’t always straightforward.

That’s why business owners are advised to work with experienced web designers when making changes to an existing site. Skilled designers are able to jump into any project, at any stage, and work from the outside in; considering visitor expectation and ensuring their needs are met through strategic design.

Before you give up hope, give your website one more chance to succeed. Get in touch with the experienced team at CMS Live to iron out the kinks, tweak your design, and make your website great.

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