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It’s never too early to start thinking about your Christmas website traffic

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Its never too early to start thinking about your Christmas website traffic on your eCommerce site. Ignore current heat indexes and think traffic spikes, instead.

Are you prepared to handle these peaks in traffic? If not, CMS Live can help.

To ensure you deliver the best possible service to your customers at peak times you need to focus your attention to your page loading times ensuring they are three seconds or less.  For every second after that, your website will experience a seven percent decrease in conversion.

eCommerce clients who are hosted with us can be confident their network performance and security is on point.

To maximise your revenue your eCommerce website infrastructure and security needs to be free of errors to maintain uptime and optimise reliability.

CMS Live specialises in Magento, WordPress eCommerceActinic/Sellerdeck, X-Cart, custom PHP hosting.  Our hosting packages along with Magento provides the perfect eCommerce platform.

But there are still other things to consider as you start to prepare for the busy Christmas website traffic…
As a business you must start planning early, expectations around planning and timelines are important.

Let us help you by contacting us when you are in the planning stages so we can help you plan and prepare; by keeping us abreast of your business plans and activities, we can match you with the best server and hosting package that will best fit your needs.

Your hosting model will determine just how well your website handles the traffic peaks so a solid timeline needs to be determined so we can determine specific scale-up times.

If you’re expecting traffic to increase by a factor of two or three, that’s usually not a problem. But if your business anticipates an increase of 20, 30 or 70 times (yes, that’s 7,000 percent!), you need to set priorities early.  Now is the time to be load testing your website and leaving the development of new features on your website until this is done.  If your website infrastructure is not solid and your website goes down during your high traffic periods you will be losing revenue. Reliability and uptime is key!

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