Some great tips to optimise your online marketing strategy

Some great tips to optimise your online marketing strategy

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The team here at CMS Live have put together some great tips to optimise your online marketing

The team here at CMS Live have put together some great tips to optimise your online marketing strategy

Social media marketing is now an integral part of your business plan.  To get the most out of this fast paced medium we have narrowed it down to these key areas to concentrate on when promoting your business online.

Time your posts to social networking sites well!

Depending on what you are posting and on which social site there is research to suggest there are better times than others to promote your business on social networking sites.There may not be an exact best time to post but research has found early morning posting is great for Google+ users with posts between 9am to 11am reaching the intended audience. Catch your Twitter followers as they have an afternoon browse with a brew between 1pm to 3pm and this is also a good time to target your Facebook friends who tend to extend their browsing until around 4pm. The creative users of Instagram like to describe their day in pictures as the working day draws to a close between 5pm and 6pm whilst avid users of Pinterest pinpoint their day later on in the evening from 8pm to 11pm. Tumblr users like to pop in and out all evening!

It is said that if your target audience is women the best time and platform to post on is Facebook between 10pm and 11pm.It has been noted that Thursday evenings are a good time to promote your products or business. There are many local business groups to be found on Twitter that hold business hours on a Thursday evening which is a great place for your business to be noticed whilst enjoying some business banter with likeminded local businesses.  We often join in with #LancashireHour on Twitter.  Why not join us?Social Media Marketing by CMS Live

Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest?

It’s important to use the correct social media platform to get your message across. Different platforms attract different users and you want to make sure that the message you are delivering is reaching the right people in the right way.Evan LePage, a writer for HootSuite, explains that Twitter users enjoy an image that has been attached, Facebook users like pictures and can’t stand asking for likes and Google+ followers are passionate brand advocates.

A good way to test which social media avenues are right for you and your business is to test each social media platform and see how your audience responds.

Social Media Marketing

Data analysis has found that women seem to prefer Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook whilst men favour Twitter and Google+.

Getting your email campaigns right.

Mailchimp Email Marketing by CMS Live Web SpecialistsEmail is still an incredibly popular and successful way of reaching your customers with a recent survey reporting that 91% of people checked their email everyday.

Emails can be a major asset when creating a marketing campaign and the more subscribers you have the more successful it can be. Some ways to grow your subscriber list is to provide a sign-up form on your website and on your Facebook page and then offer incentives or running competitions to encourage your target audience to sign up.

If you read your email regularly using your phone, you probably know that it’s an experience that can swing from really good to awful. While an email newsletter can look superb in the inbox on your desktop computer, when squeezed onto a small screen, it can become absolutely unusable, with small fonts, narrow columns and broken layouts being common issues.

This is why it is really important to make sure every email campaign you send out has to be responsive and works well on any device.
Mailchimp Email Marketing by CMS Live Web Specialists

We are specialists at email marketing, we can help you create successful email campaigns that are fully optimised on all devices so whatever device or email client your customer is checking their emails on your message will be delivered safely and will display perfectly.

If all this sounds a little confusing or time consuming don’t worry!

Here at CMS Live we know what it takes to get your online marketing strategy right. We appreciate that its hard to fit in amongst the usual working day to day roles that you already do. That is why we offer a full Social Media management service. We can time your tweets to reach your followers, share your Facebook offers and promote your business using just the right tone. Google+ is a fantastic way to reach other businesses and is especially brand focused, just setting up your Google+ account can open up a business to business network that can be incredibly successful when managed in the right way.

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