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We are a local leader in all aspects of website management. Our mission is to provide Barrowford businesses like yours with everything they need to create a strong and effective online presence, showcasing their skills, talents, and expertise.

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    Web Design Barrowford

    Barrowford has a very special place in our hearts; it’s where we’ve chosen to base the CMS Live office, which allows us a fantastic, unique insight into the digital needs of our neighbouring businesses. As a Barrowford organisation ourselves, we understand what great web design in Barrowford is all about.

    Heading into the office each morning, our team are witnessing the amazing changes that are taking place within the village. In particular, Vantage Court at Riverside Business Park, which is just a short stroll away, is highlighting how Barrowford and surrounding areas like Nelson and Colne are fast becoming major business hotspots, with Riverside ranking amongst the biggest business developments in East Lancashire.

    Boosting online presence for Barrowford businesses

    Here at CMS Live, we’re proud to have already helped many local Barrowford businesses to flourish by working with them to develop a strong and professional online presence. We’ve undertaken web design in Barrowford for Scruples Menswear following a successful 2 year web technical support contract, as well as designing the website for grooming company Albert & Smith, and offering web support for Fleur Couture florists. Our aim is to continue to see businesses in Barrowford thriving in digital environments.

    These businesses have all benefited from the skills, experience, knowledge, and know-how of the fantastic CMS Live team. We have some truly amazing people onboard who know everything there is to know about web design, web support, and web hosting in Barrowford, ensuring we’re always able to offer the best services to our clients, and provide them with what they need to grow and develop.

    Web design Barrowford by CMS Live Web Specialists

    Web services for Barrowford

    Technical support and website design in Barrowford are just two of the services we offer our clients. Whether you’re based in Barrowford like us, or in surrounding areas like Burnley, Pendle, or Trawden (or even anywhere else in the UK!), here are some of the other CMS Live services you can take advantage of:

    • Web Hosting

      Web hosting in Barrowford to suit all needs and business budgets

    • White Label

      White label design services for simple, efficient rebranding

    • Website Hosting Services

      Website hosting services, ensuring your site works for you, and your customers

    • Consultation

      Evaluation of performance of existing websites and guidance for improvement

    • Existing Websites

      Amendments to existing websites for better SEO, layout, navigation, and more

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      Here are some of our lovely
      Barrowford Website Design Clients

      Albert & Smith Web design Barrowford by CMS Live Web Specialists
      Merc Aerospace Web design Barrowford by CMS Live Web Specialists
      Scruples Menswear Web design Barrowford by CMS Live Web Specialists
      Simplex Web design Barrowford by CMS Live Web Specialists

      If you’re a Barrowford business (or even a Padiham business, Barnoldswick business, or Earby business!) and you haven’t yet thought about how to strengthen your online presence while Lancashire is booming, then now is the time. To find out more about how the CMS Live team can help you with web design in Barrowford and the surrounding areas, get in touch with us today at [email protected]

      Our Experience in Website Design

      Especially for start-ups and very small businesses, these Business Start-up Design Packages combine the design for your logo with a set of stationery, and a website or an online shop. You’ll be benefiting from the collective skills of our team of graphic designers and web developers, and we will guide you through the whole process.

      Do you need a website? If you’ve got a web design project or application you need to bring to life, or just a few ideas you’d like to discuss with us, try our quick quote form. It takes about two minutes to fill in, and we’ll get right back to you. Alternatively, we do all of our web design in Barrowford, Pendle. So why not come and visit us? We are a friendly bunch.

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        Web Hosting Barrowford

        No matter what your requirement, we have the knowledge and expertise to create your perfect website. Whatever you need, we have it covered. From simple sites that showcase your business to fully customised eCommerce sites, and everything in between!

        We can also help you with existing website project.

        There are a lot of reasons web design projects can fail but whatever the reason, issues with your new website can have a devastating impact on your business. Read more

        Web Design Barrowford

        We are web specialists which means we are the website hosting specialists in Barrowford.

        We have the following web hosting packages:

        White Label Web Development Barrowford

        Being a self-employed web designer comes with its fair share of frustrations. Perhaps one of the most frequent annoyances of the job is that much of your valuable time can be taken up by everything but actual design work.

        Before you can begin to start designing, you need to work your way through the laborious development stage. And then, after all the fun part of designing is done, you’re forced to contend with the (seemingly never-ending) process of migrating the website to a live, fully-functioning domain. Learn more

        Website Support Packages Barrowford

        We’re a different breed of web company as we specialise in offering exceptional development support, whether it is fixing an urgent bug,
        implementing new functionality or even re-building your whole website.

        We offer

        Learn more

        We have a 100% customer retention rate for our Web Design services in Barrowford

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