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We only have to look at the Pendle Business Awards to see that business in this region is well and truly thriving. Beginning in 2013, Pendle Council has been celebrating local businesses across Colne, Nelson, Barnoldswick, Laneshaw Bridge, and more…

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The big question

The big question is: do you have what it takes to be named Pendle’s next Rising Star? Pendle’s next Employer of the Year? Or Pendle’s next Outstanding Business?

The Pendle Business Awards recognise those businesses that are highly skilled in their respective sectors, and we believe that one of the best ways to demonstrate skill, experience, and talent in the digital age is through a fantastic website. This means that web design in Pendle has never been more important.

Web design Burnley by CMS Live Web Specialists

And there’s Even More!

And that’s not all. We also offer white label web design services; or why not take advantage of our web hosting services and web technical support, too? We offer cost-effective web hosting in Burnley, making sure that your business website can be accessed quickly and easily by your customers and similarly prospects.

Both website hosting in Burnley, and web design in Burnley, are becoming more and more important for a number of local businesses in the area. In recent years, we’ve provided our services to many of Burnley’s most prolific companies, including Petty Estate Agents, as well as their commercial arm, Petty Chartered Surveyors. Our skilled team specialising in website design in Burnley have helped these brands increase traffic and boost their online presence, through reliable, user-friendly layouts and designs.

As web design specialists, we love working in ‘Brilliant Burnley’. It's an exciting time for us to be offering web design in Burnley, and surrounding areas such as Colne and Pendle. Following a strong period of both private and public funding for the area, we’re seeing Burnley businesses thriving, and as a result there has never been a better time for these local businesses to get online and expand their reach through a fantastic website. And that’s what we’re here for; to meet all your needs for web design in Burnley!


Building Pendle’s Online Presence

At CMS Live, we believe that engaging web design for Pendle businesses is key for long term success. That’s why we offer a wide range of related services for our clients. Our web design Pendle team aren’t just design experts; they’re also experts in web marketing and website management, and offer website hosting in Pendle, too. Our experienced team have worked with clients in Barley, Reedley, Kelbrook, and more, giving us a unique insight into the needs, requirements, and preferences of our local businesses.

We’re proud to have already helped a number of growing businesses in the Pendle region to achieve their goals through web design. We’ve worked with clients such as Macadam Rescue in Colne and Scruples Menswear in Barrowford, and we’ve also undertaken website design for Pendle Slot Racing in Nelson.

We can…

  • Boost Your Brand

    Boost your brand visibility through expert marketing and strong SEO content

  • Extra 'oomph'

    Give your existing website that little extra ‘oomph’ it needs to stand out

  • Design and Build

    Design and build a website completely from scratch to your own specifications

  • Vital Business Data

    Backup your vital business data, making it easily available when you need it most

  • Eye Catching Logos

    Work with you to design an effective, engaging, and eye catching logo

  • Do Whatever You Need

    Do whatever you need us to do!

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

Whether you’re located in Barnoldswick, Earby, Blacko, Higham, or anywhere else, it’s time to show the world exactly why the Pendle district is home to some of the UK’s biggest and most well known brands. The team at CMS Live can help you to help Pendle continue to thrive with web hosting in Pendle, technical support, white label design services, and a wide range of other projects to help you achieve and maintain a strong web presence that will ensure your Pendle business stands out from the competition.

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Here are some of our lovely
Pendle Website Design Clients

Mayoress of  Web design Pendle by CMS Live Web Specialists
Mr Pennine Bodybouilding Web design Pendle by CMS Live Web Specialists
Pendle Enterprise and Regeneration Web design Pendle by CMS Live Web Specialists
Pendle Valley Caravan Park Web design Pendle by CMS Live Web Specialists

Our Experience in Web Design

Web Design Barrowford

If we design, build and host your website, we build with the best W3C practices in mind, and we will optimise your website for speed of loading and Search Engine Optimisation. Of course, we build Google Analytics in free of charge, after all, what sort of company charges for this – this should be part of the build!

Bespoke Web Design Pendle Lancashire

Our experience in the website design business has taught us our clients want an absolutely bespoke overall experience, that includes:

  • Over and above the call of personal customer care
  • Relaxed meetings
  • Sometimes out of hours service and advice
  • Small jobs to be carried out free of charge, as we are not in it for penny pinching

We are in this for the long haul – we want to build and develop a relationship with our clients that grows over the years. We do not help more than one business in the same sector – this is unproductive and competing against your own SEO, it is also immoral and would do our clients a dis-service. Our servers are business grade and hosted in UK data centres.


Web Design Burnley, Barrowford and Pendle
Lancashire is our passion

Web Design Burnley Lancashire

We live and breathe web design, web development and website hosting for companies in Burnley, Pendle, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cheshire, and even as far as Austria and Spain.
Our business was founded on solid web design services to our clients, and that is our number one speciality.

Web Design Barrowford Lancashire

We have seen many trends come and go since we started our first designs back in 2007, but there are key things that always stay the same. These are good design, good layout, good use of colour, and most importantly making it easy for people to use!

Web Design Pendle Lancashire

We are right at home coding a bespoke website from a blank page, to using popular content management systems such as WordPress or even populating and designing an eCommerce application such as Actinic/Sellerdeck or Magento.

We design your website to the popular grid systems, so everything is balanced and easy to read. In turn, we will build (depending on your budget) your website as a responsive design, which basically means it checks the browser size, and re-sizes and reflows the content so it fits perfectly – if you are reading this on an iPhone you will see this in action.

Web Design Colne Lancashire

All of our clients are different, and their requirements are different, so it would be impossible to have an off-the-shelf package that could cater for this (although some do; e.g. 5 pages for £££).

We have a 100% customer retention rate for our Web Design services in Pendle

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